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STARDATE January 29th 2554*

(*it really IS 2554 according to the Thai calendar – it even says it on my tax return)


I’ve lost count of the number of books I’ve read using the “who was the second man on the moon?” question to prove that being first really IS the only option.

Anyway, it was Buzz Aldrin Jr.

And thanks to Little Britain, we now even know the EIGHTH man on the moon – Bing Gordyn!

Yes, it’s great to be first. But is it the only option? After all, there can only ever be one first.

Gibbs SR toothpaste was the first ever TV commercial in the UK (Bulova watches preceded it in the USA). But really, so what? Sure it will always be the first, but it doesn’t exist anymore.

I would hazard a guess that Vorsprung Durch Tecnik wasn’t the first time anyone had used a foreign language in English advertising, but it’s certainly the most memorable.

People in the ad business trip over themselves in the headlong rush to be first.

If you’re not on foursquare, you’re soooosquare. Actually foursquare is so yesterday because Geonium is this morning but by this afternoon the ONLY way to go will be facebook ‘likes’ ads AAAAARRRRRRGH!!!

Twitter’s been ‘done’. Who was the first person to use foursquare? Who gives a fuck? Hardly a world-shattering event eh? Come to that, who wrote the first ever blog? Don’t know, don’t care.

We don’t even know who invented the wheel, a truly world changing innovation. What was his (or her) name? Urgh or Hnngk or something equally cro-magnon probably. But it WAS the first. However, I’d contend that my girlfriend’s 17” alloy, 5-spoke wheels, with Pirelli low-profiles, on her SLK, are better.

Take the most successful movie of all time, Avatar. Were there any firsts? A storyline ripped from Pocahontas; imagery ‘borrowed’ from Roger Dean, but who cares? Result – awesome movie!

It’s great to be first. But, failing that, it’s better to be better.

Blog off.

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